Polaris Talent Inc. provides scalable, efficient talent acquisition on-demand via a recruiting-as-a-service model for companies too small to have an internal HR or Talent Acquisition team or for larger companies that need to optimize their existing capabilities. We are also specialists at one-off confidential searches and have deep experience working directly with members of the Exec Team or Board of Directors in a discrete way.

Our hourly model allows you to manage your cost of hiring in a more dynamic way than traditional headhunter or agency fees and since we are an extension of your company, your talent brand and candidate experience is enhanced.

We love working with startups! There is something very exciting about working with Founders to help them grow their team while freeing them up to focus on the core product they are passionate about. Finding great people who are as inspired as the Founders is our passion. For companies not yet ready to hire, we offer mentoring and coaching to Founders to get you to the place where you are ready to go when the time is right to add more people.

Our Engagement Lifecycle

Scaling Your Process (week 1)

-Alignment on job description and process
-Intake discussions with HR and hiring managers
-Calibration on culture, mission, and values
-Sample profiles provided and reviewed for alignment prior to sourcing beginning (if requested). . We don’t want to bill you a bunch of hours where we are going down the wrong path. We don’t turn our team loose until we are clearly in alignment.

Finding People (weeks 2+ to the time you have happy New Hires)

-Post jobs on niche and diversity sites
-Build pipeline with a focus on fit for culture and skills with a bias towards diversity
-Source, message, screen….iterate
1st qualified and screened candidate submitted within the first 2 weeks
-Baseline is a minimum of 1 qualified submittal for every 10 hours billed (note: this generally increases over time as the pipeline matures and calibration is complete)

Connecting Minds

What you can expect:
-Fast response time (<24 hours)
-Dedicated recruiter time and project manager on your project each day
-Data driven collaboration updated weekly
-Regular check ins

What we need from you:
-Fast response on candidates (<24 hours)
-Frequent and thorough feedback

Our Value Add

We are an extension of you and work to amplify your culture and talent brand to candidates who may not otherwise know about you. We specialize in hard-to-find and passive talent and pride ourselves in creating a diverse slate of talent for you to review.

The biggest upside is the cost savings. For example, we hired a VP level candidate in 5 weeks which cost our client $7500 vs what they would have spent on a 25% fee ($45K) in a traditional headhunt model.