New Year, New Trends

Happy 2019.  Ready or not, it’s here despite the fact that I’m still writing 2018 – and it’s come in with a bang!

As is typical this time of year, there are a flurry of headlines on recruiting trends for 2019 and lots of other well-meaning but often contradictory predictions that will affect hiring and talent acquisition.  

For me the key takeaways have been related to the shifts in how people find jobs. Perhaps it’s more appropriate to say how jobs find people. According to LinkedIn, 70% of job seekers are passive and only 36% of people actively search for a new job. In prior workforce generations, people found jobs by replying to advertising (in print or online) and then working their way through whatever Byzantine process HR personnel put them through. This was the age of cover letters, paper resumes, and phone calls (or walk-ins) to check on the status of the job.  

The age of the passive job seeker has changed the game for hiring. It’s not enough to post a job and hope people apply. The days of being a lazy recruiter who can mine through inbound applications is over. It has been my experience that for the last 3-4 years, inbound applications tend to not be very well qualified and, in many cases, are serially unemployed because they are not the best-of-the-best.  

Passive talent is usually happily and successfully employed. They do not need to job hunt since they know that by exceeding expectations in their current job, taking on stretch assignments, and keeping skills fresh jobs will find them. This is what skilled talent acquisition professionals do. We source passive talent and entice them to consider a job change via carefully crafted outreach that makes them aware of opportunities and invites them into a conversation to explore something new. This is where it gets tricky.

Glassdoor reports that 69% of people won’t work for an employer with a reputation for having bad candidate and/or employee experience. It has been my experience that while this is true, a skilled talent acquisition practitioner knows how to shift the conversation and get the passive candidate to still consider the opportunity.  

In 2019 it’s also going to be important to have a good recruiting marketing plan that showcases your brand and culture to make you a destination of choice, you’ll need to make sure your candidate experience is top notch since the “war for talent” is real and candidates are in the driver seat when it comes to being picky, and the importance of a strong employee referral program remains important since it is not unusual for upwards of 30% of hiring to come from this channel…this of course means employee satisfaction needs to be high so they will refer friends and family.  

If you’re an HR person or hiring manager reading this and think how daunting it seems since you know that attracting top tier passive talent is labor intensive even if your company has the best reputation and brand in your market, worry no longer. This is what Polaris Talent does.  Our team is masterful at attracting top passive talent and getting your opportunity in front of them. We have a track record of doing this for some crazy hard confidential searches that we could not have posted even if we wanted to. We have experience in talent branding, referral program design and execution, and creating amazing candidate experience. Contact us today for an exploratory conversation about how we can help you succeed in 2019.