You get what you pay for

No recruiting team of your own?  Our premiere recruiting-as-a-service model is an hourly model that gets you not only the best candidate for your job, but also a dedicated account manager and recruiting team that will provide you concierge service for all things hiring related. We will guide you every step of the way from writing the job description, designing the interview process, and closing the deal with your next hire. Our goal is increasing your recruiting capabilities for the long term and being your external talent partner until you are ready to build your own team. See the How We Work page for more info. This pay-as-you-go model is ideal for managing your cash flow while getting top talent, especially if you have many of the same types of positions to fill.

Is your existing team overworked or unable to find what you need? Working in conjunction with your HR/Recruiting team, we will do contingent search for senior or leadership positions on a percentage basis with a retainer up front and the remainder due the day the new hire starts. We will replace but not refund if they do not work out in the first 90-days. To be honest, we don’t like this model since candidates are increasingly reticent to work with “a headhunter” that will just add them to a pile and see what sticks. But if this is your policy and preferred way to work, let’s talk and see if we can find a viable solution.

Here’s a comparison of key metrics to help you decide which model might work best:

Confused about where to even start but know that you need to hire in the next 3+ months?  We offer HR and recruiting operations planning services on an hourly or a retained basis.  We can guide you in getting started with setting up a compliant HR and recruiting process, picking tools, figuring out your talent brand, designing a scalable org, and whatever else you may need to get you ready to hire.